It was always difficult to study after a long gap.I last studied for college exams.I managed studying for this certification for more than a month.I was bit cool than nervous.When I reached the Prometric centre by boarding two public buses, I was not allowed to write exam because I didn’t have Original ID Proof.This made me nervous…..7000Rs at stake.But atlast they asked me to call someone and ask to bring the proof.

Luckily my father was on his way to office and he brought the ID Proof and then was allowed to write exam.I had to leave everything from my mobile, watch , handkerchief outside.I started the exam poorly with first few questions but later picked up the momentum and finished 50 minutes ahead of the total time.I was sitting in front of the computer with a blank face and atlast I saw the result – Grade “Pass

I felt as If I completed my board exams…..:) :) :)

Course Material:-


You need to first create an account using the link This gives candidate ID and pin.

Then login to and register with the account details.Later login to and register for the exam.

The exam course material is available as a book and insurance terms, practice test are available in net.Also you can practise using Sample tests.Please download from the below link.This material is for review only.Please buy the hard copy of the book.

Pdfs and Practice Test:-

INS21 1-2-3

INS21 4-5-6

INS21 7-8

INS21 9-10

Demo Test

  1. Rohit says:

    Hi Varun, Can you please send me material related to INS 21?

  2. Dinesh says:

    Can somepne please share the material to –

  3. jassi says:

    can someone please send material to

  4. Priyanka says:

    Hi Varun, Can you please send me some material related to INS 22?

  5. Abin says:

    I am going to appear for this INS 21 next month. Can anyone please help me with the materials. I am not financially stable and I have to crack it in my first attempt. Please help me guys. You can send the materials to

  6. Krishna says:

    hi plz send me the material at

  7. labica says:

    Please send me all the material for ains 21 (22and 23) to


  8. says:

    please send me

  9. NS says:

    can someone please send material to

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