SMS– Apart from using to forward messages and say Good Morning to a person sitting next to you it can be useful too…. 🙂 Wondering How!!!!

                                 Complaints like eve-teasing, domestic violence, clashes in public or any hindrance to a law and order situation can be SMSed to 9500099100.

The message will be automatically diverted to the concerned police limits inside the city with the help of a software named SMART SYS.Once an SMS is received, the software installed in the control room automatically segregates the complaints and forwards them to the segregates the complaints.

Even if a text message is inarticulate or incomplete, the software has the capability to pick up key words and segregate it to be forwarded to the concerned officer.

Now no longer you need to visit police station to give a complaint.Thats real good use of technology………

  1. hafsbi says:

    Dear sir,
    am living in calicut in a village called kunnamangalam
    am staying alone as my husbund and son is working in cochin.near my house one police constable is there although he is my relative he use to threaten me by saying he will insult me infront of public and asking us to leave the home.he use to say he can do any thing coz he is a police
    all the neighbours in my area have got disturbance from him and his family,my younger son he is in coimbatore he was also disturbed by him . the road to my home has been blocked by them and many problems had occured til now. we were just keeping silence til now but cant stay more as he told he will insult infront of public
    Name of the person is FIROZ he is working in NGO quarters
    because of fear i use to lock ma home go to my sisters home every evening
    this msg is been sent by my younger son

  2. Yoganandam says:

    Good to know….technology should be used for such good things…

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