Winning Combination

Posted: May 22, 2013 in Day 2 Day


‘Alexander and Bucephalus’ signifies a success combination. They signify a twin concept inseparable from each other like two sides of a coin. Success reigned till this combination survived together and King Alexander was awarded the title of ‘Alexander the Great’, the military genius who never lost a battle. But how this became possible?


In the city state of Macedon, during the reign of Philip, a wild horse was the focus of attention for a huge crowd gathered around it including the King himself and his little boy. Many a men lay with fractured legs and hands around the horse. They all have obviously made attempts to tame the horse and failed. Then the King’s little boy came forward and asked the King, ‘Father, shall I try once?’. At first the King was reluctant in granting permission and finally gave up at the boy’s persistance and allowed him the permission to attempt.

The boy walked near the horse, curiously observing it. As he kept observing, he knew this was his partner in game to carry him towards his great destiny. The anxiety of the people around reached its climax as they were much worried about the well being of their prince.The boy circled round the horse without taking his focus from it. The horse seemed to remain silent as if he has found his owner of a past life. Suddenly the curtain lifted and puzzle got resolved, as the boy found the horse fearing its own shade while it faced the sun. He slowly turned the horse away from the sun, uttering words of affection into its ears. The people around lost patience and wondered what their prince was upto? Once the horse got fully turned away from the sun, the boy in one leap got on the horse’s back and started riding it to the great amazement and cheer of all around them. This ride didn’t stop till the Prince Alexander became the king of Macedon and conquered the known world at the age of 25 when his beloved horse fell in the battle earning the last success for its beloved King.

Whenever we think of King Alexander, we cannot avoid the thought of his beloved and brave horse Bucephalus. This is the relationship between a leader and his team. A Great team is a like a wild horse not accepting any one as its leader so easily without testing them. A Great leader is one who knows how to tame this wild horse through affection and find ways to allay their fears and doubts and ride together with it to a Great destiny for both of them which will be remembered by posterity.


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