My Life Story

Basically from chennai, though MT (Mother Tongue) is telugu donno to write or read telugu.Never made an attempt to learn it.

Born on 7th Nov 1982… one of the twin cities in India, Hyderabad.Brought up in Singara Chennai.So obviously got to know Tamil.My schooling started in chennai and continued in Varanasi, U.P due to my dad’s job transfer. There only I learnt Hindi.After returning back from Varanasi I continued with my school in chennai.After schooling I decide to do enginerring and joined an engineering college in Tambaram,Chennai.

                                My first job also happened in chennai after completion of my degree.I joined TCS in December 2004.I also tasted the flavor of espanol and western culture after touring Uruguay and US on official deputation.

I got married with Lavanya on June 17th.ofcourse it is an arranged marriage.But to me it seems the other way.


  1. dineshvibin says:

    my native is also vandavasi 8973366927 contact me

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