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‘ David had bought his Dad a sweater from an online store. The sweater arrived the day before Christmas Eve and was the wrong size. His family actually celebrated Christmas and swapped presents on Christmas Eve. David was in a jam.

David decided that he would call the company he had bought the sweater from, knowing that it was too late to get another sweater. He was hoping just to get to talk to someone without holding forever and to place his order to get his Dad’s sweater as soon as possible after Christmas.

He called the company … L.L.Bean.

“Merry Christmas,” answered the customer rep on the first ring. “How can I help you?”

David told the story, asking how to exchange the sweater and how to get a new one sent out after Christmas for his Dad.

“After Christmas?” was the reply. “You simply package the sweater up and send it back when you can. In the meantime, I’ll get another one out tonight via FedEx for your Father to have tomorrow.”

No questions, no problem. Simply Let’s take care of your problem—courtesy the L.L.Bean way.’

BTW , LL Bean is a famous clothing store known for its exceptional customer service .

Besides the ‘WOW’ factor , I was also blown away with the level of transactional freedom , authority and entitlements entrusted to a simple call handler.