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                              Our Mozart of Chennai “Allah Rakha Rahman” has won the oscar for the song Jai Ho and for best original score.He spoke about his mother

“There is a dialogue from an old Hindi film,“Mere paas ma hai” – which means I have nothing but a mother. My mother is here, I have her blessings. I am glad she could be here,” said Rahman.


He ended the acceptance speech by saying “Ella Pugalum Iraivanukke” (God is Great) in Tamil, something he says after winning every award.




Awesome Rahman……

Rahman bags the Golden Globe for Best Original Score in Slumdog Millionaire and becomes the First Indian to receive golden Globe awards.

Who could have imagined this small boy who joined the music troupe to make his living and support family after his father’s death would make the whole world dance on his tunes.Great Work Rahman….U Always rock

This movie is about a Mumbai slum boy who goes to win the KBC game show.This movie has been said as a disgrace which projects India to the world as a country of slums.Taking a positive note of it it has been shown that an indian kid in slum is also super intelligent.I am yet to see the movie.Hope to catch by this weekend……