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This year movie goers were greeted with release of both Kamal and Rajni movies.Enthiran turned out to be superhit and Manmadan Ambu did not fare well.I wanted to take a shot at it.So booked Gold Class seats in Abirami.They were charging additionaly for recliner.I though opted not to have it.

Sadly, I reached half an hour late for the movie inspite of starting two hours before.we enjoyed the movie sans the story.There was hardly one.The best part of the movie was Neela Vanam song were Kamal transitions to love and marriage life.This song is done in a rewinded manner.Kamal’s effort and thought needs to be appreciated.

Trisha,Madhavan and Sangeetha (including two kids) have done their part.Sangeetha mostly outshines the cast.Like all Kamal movies Ramesh Arvind appears as Cancer patient for a smaller role.

This is average compared to other Kamal comedies.He has set an expectation that he needs to outperform himself to woo the audience.This time he has failed in that.

Cruise and Europe scenes looks amazing in the movie.Devi Sri Prasad has done good composition.Neela vanam is my pick.Kaml’s vocal done the trick.

                                It has been a while since we watched a movie.After marriage 2 or 3 weeks of gap seems a long time.This time I was successful to book a ticket in Escape, Express Avenue Mall.I have already visited this mall two times.It is spacious when compared to other malls in chennai.

                                This is the first I would be watching a movie at Escape.The ambience, bigger touch screens to print or book tickets , architecture all were kewl.I had booked in Plush 4:15 show for The Social Network.

                                 Social Network was popular before its release because its the story of most popular social networking site Facebook.It goes without syaing that this is story about Mark Zuckerberg, Founder of Facebook and youngest billionaire of the world.The growth and evolution of Mark and Facebook was treat to watch.

                                 Eisenberg as mark does a phenomenal job.His casual and natural acting makes us believe that he is Founder of facebook.Accidental Billionaires is the book based on which the movie is made.This is a fully dialog based movie.You can’t except action in life of a billionaire but its equally racing.

                                After breaking up with girl friend he designs facemash to rate girls.This becomes a huge hit among harvard students.When he is offered to design Harvard Connection, social networking site he agress but starts designing Facebook.

                                This lands him in legal suits.The ease with which he faces the questions and dialogue delivery needs applaud.His friend,Saverin who invests money and Sean Parker, co founder of Napster does a neat job.The Introduction scene of Sean with a gal was nice.

I liked the movie very much.Good Job.David Fincher.


                                  Vimal was in chennai this weekend so we had a get together oppurtunity.Vimal initiated and after lot of responses we decided to meet at Skywalk.Vimal,Shankar,Viji,Daksh,Siva,Ravi were the attendees.I and Lavanya went there.We had a great gala time recollecting college days.We also shared on today’s happenings.We came to the square one teasing each other and also teasing who were not there, pulling each other’s legs.

                                    Vimal went and booked tickets for Incepetion for 6:15 Show.Truly awesoem movie.I got a thin outline from Vimal who already saw the movie two times.Christopher Nolan did an exceptionable job after The Dark Knight.Inception is not just a thriller but it makes you think.If you miss a scene or dialog you may be out of the maze soon.

                                Cobb(Dicaprio) agrees to plant idea into a wealthy heir’s brain to split the empire.He picks an Architect to design the structures in the dream.He picks a chemist who prepares a sedative to make them asleep enabling to dream.The scene in which building unfolds, hotel rooms with people hanging looks so real and amazing visual treat.

                             Going into four levels of dream, 60 seconds at one level is 2 minutes and One hour is respective levels.If you are killed in dream you would be sent to Limbo.The totem is rotated to determine the state.All these are self created concepts and well substantiated.Hats OFF.I personally liked the scene where Dicaprio says you never know the beginning of a dream.We find ourselves always in the middle of dream.

                             They choose 10 hour flight journey to plant idea and people share dream and try to get the will.The way the four levels of dream are completed and are brought back to present was stupendous.Though the film talks about subconscious mind,dream and many such things.It was wonderful movie which makes you think unreal things.

                            I would definitely watch it the second time.We then took train,bike and reached home around 10:15 pm.

                                After marriage I started watching more movies.On saturday we went to MayaJaal to see “Once Upon A Lifetime in Mumbai”.I had to pay nearly 80Rs toll for visiting MayaJaal.After visiting PVR,Inox and Sathyam this mall doesn’t seem to be appealing.We can avoid city traffic and sometimes get ticket easily, Apart from that I don’t see any major advantage of being there.

                             This movie was good showing more of Mumbai and less of blood.I enjoyed the movie.Both Ajay and Emraan were awesome.Pee Loon and Tum Jo Aaye were rocking.As usual Ajay is Sultan Mirza  a don helping people and is against drugs or any such activity but he is a smuggler.Strange Na!!!!

                                Few dialogs and the scene in which Ajay buys Amrud(Guava) for Kangana was pretty kewl.             Emraan as Shoaib takes Ajay as his role model but messes up being greedy to rule Mumbai.Prachi desai and Kangana also did a good job.Somehow I had a feel the story was left uncomplete showing Emraan as ruling over Mumbai from outside India.The ACP Agnel Wilson also did a decent job.Overall I enjoyed the movie.

                               Lavanya managed to watch movie as I served as an Interpreter.

                                  We tried to watch this movie last week hoping there won’t be much takers.But it was running housefull so we had to plan,book and watch this week.I booked the tickets in PVR.The theatre ambience was very good.The comfortable seating and decent crowd made me feel my money was worth.Now even Landmark is here.We didnt stand in queue.I swiped my card and printed my tickets thro kiosk.

This movie seems to mainly art director Selva’s  Show who brought Pre-Independence Madrasapattinam in front of our eyes.No where I felt either it is graphic.Also the cameraman had done a commendable job.

We have seen movies being made that glorifies foreign countries but this one was very special glorifying our land.Vaama Duraiyamma singing praise of chennai is too good.

                               Amy (Amy Jackson) is the daughter of Madrasapattinam British governor. She comes to India at the time of Indian freedom revolution. British Raj plans to construct a golf course by demolishing Dhobi ghat, where the hero of the film Parithi (Aarya) resides. He opposes to this plan and fights for justice.

                            An angry British servant throws a challenge Parithi to play wrestling match, which looks like a Bollywood movie Lagaan. Meanwhile, Amy likes Parthi’s daring attitude and falls in love with him. But this angers Britsh men. Now, this couple has to now fight back everything that hassles their relationship. Whether they succeed in love or not, should be seen on screen.I felt some traces of titanic also.

Favs: We should thank art director Selva Kumar, who has erected the beautiful sets of 1940’s Madras. GV Prakash songs have already won the hearts of the audience.Pookal Pookum is my pick.

Aarya and cute looking British actress Amy Jackson have given excellent performance. Vijay has proved that he is here to stay, since it is a period film, it required lots of research and dedication while penning the script. He has taken best out of his team.Their romance was perfectly depicted.

                               Just 3 days before I booked Saturday Morning special show in INOX to watch Modhi Vilayadu.Myself,mom and sister we took MRTS train got down at Light House station and reached Citicentre.Since it was morning citicentre was sporting deserted look.

                             The movie began with Vinay dancing with gals near beach for Vellaikari song.Till intermission nothing was happening in the movie.Vinay, son of a rich businessman enjoying the luxury.Like a mega serial dragging…………

But after interval the director discloses Vinay is not the actual son of businessman but Vinays friend is.With very few twists the movie ends as expected.Kajal look cute but almost less spoke to prove her acting skills.Hari and leslie did not create magic with their music but was an average album.Totally it was complete masala movie.

                              We walked out of Citicentre and reached Velachery and had lunch at Minerva.Later was busy helping mom for Aadi month Puja tomorrow.




Bhor Bhaye Shreya Ghoshal, Ustad Bade Ghulam Ali Khan, Gujri Todi 3:19  
Masakali Mohit Chauhan, A.R.Rahman 4:49 Picturised on Abhishek Bachchan & Sonam Kapoor
Noor Amitabh Bachchan 0:50  
Aarti (Tumre Bhavan Mein) Rekha Bhardwaj, Kishori Gowariker, Shraddha Pandit, Sujata Mazumdar 3:01  
Genda Phool Rekha Bhardwaj, Shraddha Pandit, Sujata Mazumdar 2:50  
Dil Gira Dafatan Ash King, Chinmayee 5:39  
Hey Kaala Bandar Karthik, Naresh Iyer, Bony Chakravarthy 5:43  
Rehna Tu A. R. Rahman, Benny Dayal, Tanvi Shah 6:51  
Delhi 6 Blaaze, Benny Dayal, Vivinenne Pocha, Tanvi Shah, Claire 3:36  
Arziyan Javed Ali, Kailash Kher 8:42 Picturised at Jama Masjid delhi

                              Masakali is catchy and already topping the charts.It wud be the listeners pick in the album.Rehna Tu is also very soothing and Rahman was once again proved his mettle as singer along with Benny and Tanvi..Arziyan is very long but not boring at all in kailsah Khers voice.

                             It has now become mandatory to have Shreya song in each album and Bhor Bhaye fullfills that criteria.It is great Classical song.May be going forward it will catch pace.Delhi 6 is rap song sort and rahman looks for none other than the specialist Blaaze.

                               Dil Gira Dafatan is a soulful rendition.It takes you to some other world.Hey kala Bhandar is very peepy and enjoying.Lyrics has got wonderful meaning.

                              Sasural Genda Phool is also very nice folk song insisting you to choose the Repeat option.

                            Totally its a worthy album and has good songs but not as good as Rang De Basanti.Always Rahman songs are like slow poison, might get into nerves slowly.Lets Wait and Watch…Sorry Wait and Listen.