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                                 Agua Dulces- Sweet water thats wat this place name meant…..Asusual we started as a group along with Bhavana and family, Medha, Priya, Gopi and Bharath family.Everything was going good untill i found that I lost my camera…..It was really painful 

                                 But Managed to enjoy the Trip, we first got down at Agua Dulces, checked in our condo and boarded bus to cabo Polonia……It was bit dirty and crowded unlike our earlier visit…….Then took the evening bus and returned to Agus Dulces.Got some logs, chicken etc for barbeque…….cooked food as we brought some raw materials with us.   Had loads of fun cooking and taking food and went for sleep…….

                                 Next Day we planned to visit ombu tree island which was the largest collection of ombu trees in the world.Took a bus to the place.We bargained on a boat ride to take us to the island.After going there the guide who was obviously speaking espanol took pictures with us saying we were the first Indians to have visited the island.

                                Then he showed us the trees and seeds of the trees and explained a lot which obviuosly didnt understand…..One guy from Argentina was translating at times.After that boat took us back and here was the funny part where we didnt find bus back to Agua dulces and had to board a vehicle which generally carries dog…..(yes u read it right it was a Dog Vehicle). This bcam the amzing part of our journey and finally we reached Agua dulces.

Near Ombu Tree

Near Ombu Tree

                                 After that we checked out went to the beach had loads of fun and finally boarded bus to MVD…..Only sad part of trip  was that I lost my camera.-:)

Agua dulces

Pan- Bread Azucar- Sugar

                                           At Eagle House


                                         I did not get any answer when I asked why they named the mountain like this.We all booked a cab and started.We were 10 of them.We planned for trekking to Pan de azucar and then to Punta del esta.We also packed our lunches.The cab belongs to the same guy who used to drop us to office.We first reached the Eagle house.After taking some snaps and enjoying breeze, we headed to Piriapolis .We went to the top of mountain on the cable car .Since it was foggy did not get a good mountain view unlike the last time.We also had our traditional fishes to complete Piriapolis trip.    

On Vench at Piriapolis

On Vench at Piriapolis

                We then started and reached our next destination and main place the Pan de azucar. We started the trekking and first went the wrong way unnoticing the sign and later returned and took the right path.It was a hot day and we started our trekking.Not even half the way we all were exhausted.Thanks to some drinks we had with us.After a certain height we were able to see the Cross at the top of the mountain.Got fully exhausted and decided to return.Jp was breathing thro his mouth.He was more exhausted than any of us.The path was very steep with full of stones.Getting down the mountain was still more difficult.But somehow we managed and reached to our cab.

                        We shared and ate the food we bought and then after relaxing for some time we headed to Punta del esta.There it was like festival.Since it was peak summer full crowd was there in the beach.I did not jump fully into beach like others but just managed to get into water.Overall it was a fun trip and later returned by evening after visiting the snake Bridge.

Pan de azucar

                             Christmas weekend was nearing and one day while returning from office in the bus anil told that Cabo Polonia is a good place and we can go there.That was the trigger and all planning started.Anil got the rooms reserved.I went along with Bhavana and Harish to book tickets.Sachin,Anils,Deepak,Deepika,Harish,Bhavana and Ravi were the final set of people for trip.

                            Saturday morning we started packing our lunches and other stuff and reached bus stop.We got into the bus and was shocked to see except 2 or 3 we were the only ones sitting in the bus.After a long 4 to 5 Hrs journey we reached the place.It was looking like the remotest village.The path was fully of sand dunes and tractors (it was called Monster Truck)  were the only mode of transport to reach the beach.

On Monster Truck to Cabo Polonia Beach

                                We checked into the Hotel and there were 3 beds in a room and very less walking space.We could appreciate them for the excellent use of space.we walked on the beach.It was hot and the beach was beautiful.we stopped at a place to play Volley ball and after playing for sometime, we walked over the sand dunes.We had a feel as if we were in desert.After munching some snacks sitting on sand we walked back.We were very exhausted on hot sand under hot sun.

                               After getting refreshed we walked back the other side to meet the sea lions.There were lots of sealions making a strange sound and smelling badly.we were not sure whether it would attack us if we go near by.But it seemed to be harmless.We went to the LightHouse and saw a beautiful view of the beach and sand.
With SeaLions and Roaring waves

With SeaLions and Roaring waves

                                We then roamed around houses (which were crazily shaped and designed) and rested in the Hotel.It was pleasant to swing under moonLight and waves making plesant sounds.After having the horrible turmeric rice at the restaurant we went to sleep.

                               Next day, we got up got ready and had our breakfast.we checked out and took again the truck to come back to road.We took the bus to reach Punta Del Diablo.It was the same beach but here the roars were very atrocious the beach had many rocks at a side.Got some nice views and took pictures.After relaxing for  a while in the beach retuned and boarded the bus to Montevideo.One of the mazing trip I had been.

At Punta Del Diablo

At Punta Del Diablo

Cabo Polonio

                            We decided to go to Argentina and involved in preparatory work along with Bhavana.We got first letters from TCS office so that consulate can give visas for us.Then we booked the tickets for ferry and bus collectively in Buquebus.

                            We would be taking a bus first to colonia, port in Uruguay and then a ferry to Argentina.We seven of us got our tickets,visas stamped and were all set.Another group of guys were also travelling to Argentina separately.
                            Like them we also booked our accomodation in Hostel this turned out to be a dangerous decision later.We reached bus stand by midnite and boarded the bus to colonia.I als0 met Laura frm our office and her frnd at the bus stand.The interiors of the bus had appearance was similiar to flight.It was 2.5 hrs journey after whch we reached colonia.Here after the immigration we got into the ferry.

                              The ferry was like a big bungalow with ample space.There were shops,cafe,restrooms inside.We found a place and rested there till early morning.We reached the top of ship to have a glimpse of Sunrise.It was awesome lanscape with sea water below and red coloured rising sun above.We clicked lot of snaps.
                               We walked for sometime had breakfast and boarded a taxi to reach hostel.The road were very wide and really wide when compared to MVD.The turning point of our trip was here when we entered the Hostel.We found the place not worth living even for guys but we had two gals Bhavana and Deepika with us.Then we came out and asked the rest to wait and went in search of Hotel (Sorry no more Hostel). 
                                  Harish was ready to pay 300, 400 dollars but all 3star, 5 star were fully booked.Finally thank god we found a hotel at a moderate cost and after getting fresh we came out and had lunch in Mcdys.We reached cemetry by taking a taxi…….Could u imagine cemetry was one attraction.But really the cemetry was looking crazy.We also visted church and other places around.

                                 Failing to find a Indian restaurant, finally had some local food.We all were damn tired and rested in hotel room after listening to some carols on road.Next day morning we got up, got ready and reached station to catch a train to Tigre Islands.

                                We went on boat to the islands and were back.After returning to Buenos Aires visited some other historic places.Finally took a taxi to reach port to catch ferry.While coming to Argentina we came in slow ferry and returned in fast ferry.We reached Montevideo midnite. It was journey filled with experiences and memories.


                                  After reaching Montevideo, I did not get any chance to go out and visit places as it was peak winter.By September things were getting better and Anil planned a trip to Minas and many of us joined together.Since we were more in number we had to book a bus.As usual many were habitually late and we were delayed by an hour.As the journey began we played Antakshri and Dumb charades whereas the former event had more people keenly participating than Dumb-C.

                               We were so much involved that we did not realize that we reached the place.We took some snaps around lake and went on to see another historic trees.By then it was lunch time.So we stopped by and thronged a restaurant to finish our lunch and later proceeded.

   We saw the artigas statue on a horse.Later after taking snaps visited a park and were back to home.I did not find any of the place interesting but just a day out.

Significance of Man on Horse Statue:-
  If there is a Horse Statue in the park dedicated to somebody who has died, there is a way of knowing how they died. If the horse has its two front legs in the air with the man of its back, then the man died in the war. If the horse has only one front leg up with the man on his back then the person died of injuries due to a war. But, if the horse has all four legs on the ground with the person on his back, then that person died of natural causes (A statue with nobody on the horse, but it has been dedicated to somebody means the same as if the man is on the horse).