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The trip plan was initiated multiple times and was cancelled due to lack of interest.Finally we decided to go on February 19th.We boarded a local van and reached Chennai Central Station.Our train was scheduled to depart at 5:00 pm.Everybody had come in Black and blue costume except me.

We boarded the train and most of the crowd gathered in a single coupey.I had got a call and was busy talking with her.Meanwhile the entire crew of 28 people gathered in a single coupey.Imagine the situation of other passengers around.We were playing Dumbc and Antakshari.We had food and went for sleep as we will reach calicut around 4:00 a.m.

We got down and boarded a bus.We all reached SunBird Resort in a half sleepy state.We checked in and the cottages were good.We stayed in Villa.There was also bamboo cottages.We occupied almost the entire resort.We got ready and left to Meenmutty falls after breakfast.We were served idli,bread,appam and idiyappam.We know that we had to trek but had realised the difficulty level only after some time.

Initially we have to trek down the hill.It was very steep and in some places we took support of rope.We were crawling like babies in some places.Now it is funny but not at that time.Though the climate was hot we were completely shadowed by mountains and trees.

That was the only relief to our trekking nightmare. We reached Meenmutty Falls, after a hesitation I took bath there as everyone got into the water.We enjoyed the bath.It was very refreshing.We started climbing.This needed less energy but more care.We got exhausted started feeling thirsty.We drank water flowing in the mountains.We eventually reached the top.

After the lunch, we visited Edakkal caves.We had to take a jeep as only jeep could go in the path.We started climbing.This was more organised path.The path was rocky but mangaeable.We reached the top and it was pretty cool inside the caves.I could not carry my camera as my rechargeable batteries cheated me.The sunrays piercing through the stones were admirable.It was closing time and we got down quickly.The path was very narrow.We managed to board the last jeep and reached resort watching SMS movie in bus.

                                 SMS– Apart from using to forward messages and say Good Morning to a person sitting next to you it can be useful too…. 🙂 Wondering How!!!!

                                 Complaints like eve-teasing, domestic violence, clashes in public or any hindrance to a law and order situation can be SMSed to 9500099100.

The message will be automatically diverted to the concerned police limits inside the city with the help of a software named SMART SYS.Once an SMS is received, the software installed in the control room automatically segregates the complaints and forwards them to the segregates the complaints.

Even if a text message is inarticulate or incomplete, the software has the capability to pick up key words and segregate it to be forwarded to the concerned officer.

Now no longer you need to visit police station to give a complaint.Thats real good use of technology………

                               I got a call from Vinod, my school mate.He told me that Muthu has come to chennai and we would be going out.I set out to temple as usual.They reached to the temple and halfway my darshan I started with them to Velan theatre, Nanganallur.Tickets were already purchased by babu.We were five of us and entered the theatre after the movie started.We found our seats admidst darkness.First time I am visiting theatre after returning from US.

                              The movie was SMS.No you read it right.(Siva Manasaula Shakthi).The movie did’t turn out as great as it promised in the promos.There were few laughable scenes but rest of the moview was crap according to me.After finishing the movie we came to Orion to have dinner.

                             Shankar and Yuvraj also joined us after we had ordered.Since it was saturday I was vegeterian and even Muthu also.But rest of them tasted lots of Non-Veg varieties.We left the place after paying the bill.Muthu dropped me at home and it was almost 11 p.m by the time I reached home.