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                                We reached Kathgodam station in the early morning.It was not a very big station but surrounded by mountains.Our resort driver was waiting and we left to Nainital.Soon we were doing merry go round on mountain roads and lavanya started feelin dizzy.
                                We crossed Nainital Lake and reached Khurpatal.A place down the hills and Dynasty resorts was located at the centre surrounded by hills.The way was foggy and scenic.We checked in the resort and our room.The hotel staff were kind enough.We got freshened up and went for breakfast.The cab driver picked us for local sight seeing.

                      We visited Falls,Tigercaves,Suicide Point,Lovers Point.Tiger caves was interresting as we had to walk through a dark cave.The view of Naini Lake from the above the mountain with greenary all around was breath taking.Mist stopped us from giving the glimpse of Himalayas.
                       We reached Mall Road, had lunch at Machan restaurant enjoying lake view.The food was very good.We then walked along Mall Road and went for boating.We chose the safer option of row boat.Our boat man had 34 years of experience.These words relieved me that “I’m safe” untill the boatman told that the lake is 150 feet and even 250 feet in some places.The lake is formed out of Parvathi eyes so it has got that unique shape.

                        The lake would have water instead of being covered by snow even in winter.There were water purification turbines installed so that water could be supplied to the surrounding places.The water was crystal clear. We left to the resort after doing some shopping and booking for cable car(Ropeway).We relaxed for some time and had our dinner.

                              Next day we got ready and went in cable car.The view was fantabulous.Greenary all around and lake covered by the green reflection.Vow!!!!!!! any tom,dick and harry would become ardent nature lover and write poetries.Since it was drizzling we were not able to see Himalayas.We returned and visited lakes Bhimtal,Sattal,Naukuchiatal also the Hanuman temple.Lavanya is having headache throughout the journey and we reached resort after roaming on Mall road.
                         In resort they have arranged for cake and candle light dinner.It was very pleasant.

                                  We reached the Kodai Road Station and boarded the van to reach top hill.We reached Hotel Jai by 9:30 a.m crossing one hair pin bend after another.We got freshened up and left for sightseeing after having breakfast.

                                  Dolphin Nose was our first destination and we had to trek for more than an hour after which we reached Dolphin Nose gasping.We all stood on the edge of the rock and took photos by a photographer who later turned out to be a villain demanding additional money for the photos.We climbed uphill to board the van.It was much more difficult than going down the slope.

At Pillar RocK

At Pillar RocK

                              We all rushed to Hotel to have our lunch as it was already late.After taking rest for some time and watching the starter match of IPL we left for Pillar Rock, Suicide Point  and Pine Forest.It was challenging to walk downslope.We went down holding onto the trees.We took some snaps and visited Pillar Rock which was almost looking like Grand Canyon.Then we headed to suicide point which was guarded with railings and mostly we could see only mist.

                             We returned back to Hotel and continued watching IPL.Then we went down for Camp Fire.We all had fun around the fire with many of them dancing and was interupted by photographers entry.This guy had took some additional prints and was demanding money.We had a tough quarell and finally after a real long discussion settled the issue.

                               We had our dinner with very less food items and went back to room and few were having fun and finally went to sleep after playing cards for some time.

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