I Really wanna be here with U
Is that enough to say that
we are made for each other is all thats hosana truth
Hosanaa be there were u r calling I will be there Hosana
Be the life the Whole life I share
I never wanna be the same
Its time we rearrange
I take a step , U take a step and me calling out to u Hello Hellooooo

Neela Vanam


Ethotho Desangalai Saerkkindra Nesam Thannai
Nee Paathi Naan Paathiyaay Korkkindra Pasam Thannai
Kaathal Endru Paeyar Suttiyae Kaalam Thantha Sontham Ithu
Ennai Polae Pen Kuzhanthai Unnai Pol Oru Aan Kuzhanthai
Naam Vazhntha Vazhvirku Sandravathu Innoru Uyir Thaannadi


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