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We had client visit and CIO was here.So preparations were going on in full swing.For past two days most of us were busy with models and data.

On D day everything went good and evening we had Town Hall.After the executives spoke and questions were asked, I was given Distinguished Achiever award (memento and Certificate) by CIO and ISU head.Along with me three others got this award.

It was a great moment.

Hectic Day

Posted: February 6, 2010 in Official
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I had to stay back for coordinating Power shutdown at our office.It was very hectic as the request was approved only during last hour.I started after 12 a.m boarded a cab and reached home around 2:00 a.m.

                                I had undergone Internal auditor Training and had audited 2 projects in the last quarter.Today we had Audit Meet and I was awarded the Best Auditor of our Insurance domain. 🙂 🙂 🙂

                                We got a mail yesterday that we would be having our town hall today from Anandi- HR.I have heard that siruseri has auditorium but today was the chance to visit.Mani, our delivery owner welcomed us all and showed a presentation about our client, acheivements and the future prospects.

                                  Then they were rewarding associates with certificates.I got a certificate for working beyond on call of duty. Also I received another certificate signed by our CEO for participating in Maitree activities.

                                Initially started with a 2 days plan and finally with non cooperation from all the associates, the plan changed to a 1 day trip to resort.To make sure most of the associates come for the outing it was planned on working day.

                                We all reached the resort by office bus playing Dumb-C all the way.We got settled and after announcing the teams we asked the team leads to introduce their team members while they would be doing their catwalk.The teams had named themselves with crazy names like Swineflu,Tamiflu and Adengappa.We got fried under hot sun while playing volley ball.Next we had only energy to walk for lunch.Though the items were limited we all enjoyed the food.

                                We were all sitting like a snake lying  down after swallowing its prey.:) We wanted to start with a very slow game.So Bindi sticking was our choice.Later we played Personality Guessing, Brick walking, Dog in the bone (which I guess many enjoyed).After having high tea we relaxed on the sands of beach.

                                We  completed the outing with ‘Dance with your Leader’ game.It was one full day of fun and we finally left the place after settling the bill.It was tiresome day.:'-(

                                 I was appreciated thro TCS Gems, a recognition portal in TCS by our Delivery Owner Mani for driving the CSR Initiatives.I felt nice receiving such words from him……

                                  We visit Suriya Nagar slum near Kotturpuram and are planning for development activities in the slum.Apart from that we are contributing towards MSDOS. (Money and SodexHO for Dal, Oil and Sugar) which inturn is being distributed to Old age Homes and Orphanages.

                                 I was in shift this week and was responsible for monitoring scheduled jobs.Thanks to my memory,I forgot to monitor,Later I had run the job.It was full 4 hrs of tension.Oh God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks to my onsite counterpart who did not  make issue out of it.